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Real Stories. Real Issues. From Real Teens -- Like You.

Do you have a story to share? An untold message? A powerful essay? Jewish teenagers worldwide answered this call in droves, embracing a groundbreaking international writing challenge. From Boro Park to Los Angeles, Gateshead to Jerusalem, girls from across the globe put their best works forward, forming a multi-colored mosaic of powerful teen voices.

Presented in Winners--a first-of-its-kind anthology--are the most outstanding entries: a panorama of impressive literary talent and compelling content sure to delight teen readers from across the spectrum. Featuring vivid characters and intriguing plots that span continents and eras, and sparkling with creativity, humor and wit, this potpourri of real-life stories brings to the fore today's burning teen issues.

Prepare to meet ...

Sari, whose glamorous Broadway career is chipping away at her soul
Overweight Gila, whose dieting efforts are painfully dismal
Naomi, who is terribly embarrassed of her family's financial state
Aching Rikki, who lost her best friend in the world
Temi, who is tired of Bubby's constant tznius admonitions
And many, many more
Meet girls whose feelings sound ... just like yours.

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