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Book fairs are a simple and effective way to encourage your students to purchase and read books.

Hosting a fair, takes some work though. Menucha Classroom Solutions aids the planning and arranges your book fair even before the hosting begins. We know school personnel may not have extra time to prepare a book fair, so we take care of all the details.  

Prior to the fair, our professional book consultant will provide you with a recommended list of titles to help your school choose the books that are appropriate for your students. The newest titles in Judaica as well as secular titles are available for order.

Once the fair has been planned, we will provide and ship everything you need to host the fair including a flyer, poster, and letter for you to print and distribute, to ensure students and parents are informed about the fair. Our attention to detail guarantees that the fair is run smoothly, so you can host parents and their children successfully.

We also provide special coupons for teacher discounts.

MCS is all about customization, quality and flexibility—providing each school with individualized educational materials they need.

Please note: An MCS book fair is an event students and their parents look forward to each year. It is also a great way for schools to earn free books and raise money. We look forward to hosting your book fair this year!

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