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Windows to Conviction

Windows to Conviction

ISBN: 9781600919381

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Seeking political revenge against the Jewish community, New York's governor rams through a bill that directly targets bris milah, setting off an intense legal battle. Will religious liberties triumph in America's highest court?

After many years, a business partnership goes sour, and a young woman is caught in a tangle of gossip and suspicion against her husband. Can their marriage survive?

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the new Rusvyaner Rebbetzin faces challenges from within and without as she seeks to fulfill the mission given to her by her father-in-law, the previous Rebbe, before his petirah.

Deep in the Amazon rain forest, an uncontacted tribe is forced to seek help from the outside world after their grounds are threatened by loggers. Who do these primitive tribesmen with a startling knowledge of Judaism really descend from?

In Windows to Conviction, the newest addition to the popular Windows series, readers are taken on a riveting, unforgettable international journey. Along the way, the characters open up their hearts and souls, surprising heroes and villains emerge, and then their life stories intertwine in a most unexpected fashion. 

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