Who is Annie White (Fish)


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A stirring and fascinating story, using vivid language

In eighth grade, girls are nervous.
They looked stunned, as if something is chasing them.
I go home with Ronnie.
Do I look okay? she asks me.
And I say: Sure.
And she says: Do I look okay? I just don’t think I look okay.

Annie White has come to live with her Aunt Becka, who runs a retreat for artists in the Catskills. After years of traveling the world with her parents and attending schools for foreign students, she finds the girls at her American junior high superficial and boring. When the mailman mistakenly delivers a neighbor’s letter, Becka asks her to bring it to the owner. Annie knocks on the Krystal family’s front door, unaware that her life is about to totally change!

Esty Krystal and her family open Annie’s eyes to a new world and help her set out on a journey from Sullivan County to Brooklyn to uncover hidden family secrets and discover her true name.

Award-winning author Judy Belsky has written a stirring and fascinating story, using vivid language that will leave you breathless with its insightfulness and stark sincerity. Reading Who is Annie White (Fish) is a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

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Genre: Fiction
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ISBN-13: 9781614651949
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