When The World Was Quiet

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Only once in history was the whole world quiet.  The Midrash explains that prior to the giving of the Torah, not even the smallest sound was heard.  The wind, the leaves, and the ocean were still.

Of course people didn’t talk, and all the animals and their babies were quiet, too!

Preschool children love to hear and to imitate animal sounds, but in this beautifully illustrated picture book, they have a chance to imagine the silence that pervaded the entire world.

“The geese did not honk.  The ducks did not quack.

The sheep did not “baa.”  The goats did not “maa.”

The chickens did not cluck, and the roosters did not crow…”

Children will love the simple text and sweet pictures of all the quiet animals and their babies.  Most importantly, they will appreciate the happy ending:

“And then, in His quiet, quiet world… Hashem gave us the Torah because He loves us!”

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