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Visions of Virtue

Visions of Virtue

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A Collection of Elevating Stories
When it comes to a good story, Rabbi Yosef Weissis an expert at relating it to perfection. In Visionsof Virtue, he presents a brand new collection of true stories,each one amazing, inspiring, and uplifting.

You�ll read about an unlikely car mechanic who saved theday � or rather, the night � for an askan in need�andabout a Hatzolah member who was "accidentally� calledinstead of a hotel�s front desk � thereby enabling him tosave the life of a young boy�and about a miraculous minyanof men who appeared just in time to answer to Kaddishin Birkenau for the sake of an elderly Holocaust survivor.

There�s nothing like a great story to add spice to your dayand to give you food for thought. With Visions of Virtue,you�ll be granting yourself the gift of a beautiful story overand over again!
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