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Virginia Mysteries #6: Shadows at Jamestown

Virginia Mysteries #6: Shadows at Jamestown

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Four hundred years ago, colonists voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean to discover a new world. Today, an amazing archaeological dig at historic Jamestown promises to uncover new secrets from those earliest English settlers.

Sam, Derek, and Caitlin can’t believe their luck when they are invited by Professor Evanshade to help with the archaeological digs for a week at Jamestown’s Field School. Maybe they’ll uncover something spectacular that traces all the way back to Captain John Smith and Pocahontas!

But when one of the priceless artifacts dug from the Jamestown Fort is labeled a fraud, it threatens to upend the entire archaeological project. Can the kids expose the secret conspiracy or have they finally gotten in over their heads? Journey back with them to America’s beginnings and a mystery in the shadows of Jamestown.

Shadows at Jamestown is the sixth book in The Virginia Mysteries series, but it also makes a great standalone read. The story is the perfect complement to Jamestown social studies units, field trips, and family vacations.

If you enjoy mystery and adventure like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Magic Tree House, or National Treasure, you’ll love author Steven K. Smith’s exciting middle-grade series. The stories are modern-day fictional mysteries with twists of real locations and events from Virginia history. These fast-paced books are popular with both boys and girls ages 7-12, appealing to even reluctant readers!

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