U Turn


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A Teen Novel

When Margaret and Julie Miller plummet down the ravine in a horrible car accident, their lives are irrevocably changed. While Margaret is recovering at the hospital, she meets Shiffy Levine and the two form an instant friendship. Meanwhile, big sister Julie is dealing with her guilt at causing the accident.

Henry Miller, Margaret and Julie's younger brother, should be celebrating his bar mitzvah and getting ready to join the ranks of Jewish adulthood. Instead he joins a dangerous club and ends up in a lot of hot water.

How does Shiffy's father react to the crime committed in his shul? And how do Julie and Margaret go about getting ready for their younger brother's bar mitzvah while making changes in their own lives? U-Turn, a novel about true change.

By Chaya Sara Ben Shachar
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Format: Default Title
Genre: Novel
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ISBN-13: 9780986439414
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