Tragedy and Rebirth


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An important work of history. A vital book of hashkafah.
Our gedolim have made it clear that we owe it to ourselves, to the generation that suffered under Nazi brutality and, perhaps most of all, to future generations, to study the Holocaust through the prism of Torah and emunah. Written by a renowned educator, Tragedy and Rebirth gives us the tools to begin to deal with the issues, and, even more important, the questions that come up when we learn about the Holocaust.

Tragedy and Rebirth includes chapters on:

Historical background of the Holocaust
Searching for hashgachah, Divine Providence, in a time of concealment
Spiritual resistance
Hatzalah - rescue activities
Dealing with questions about the Holocaust
The miracle of Jewish survival and the rebuilding
Every chapter includes excerpts from important books on the subject, including many eyewitness accounts, a recommended reading list for further study.

About the author: Rabbi Joseph Elias was born in Germany and has been one of the American Torah community's most distinguished thinkers, educators, and authors for over sixty years. Among his other accomplishments, he led Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in Detroit, Rika Breuer Teachers Seminary in New York, and founded Torah Umesorah's Zechor Yemos Olam Holocaust education project.
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