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Thirtyone Cakes

Thirtyone Cakes

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Did your child ever lose a precious toy or find someone else's treasured object? This lively, colorful picture book emphasizes the importance of Hashavas Aveida, returning lost things to their owners.

It all begins with a girl named Estie who loses her gold ring while baking thirty-one cakes for a tzedakah bake sale. Could the ring have fallen into the batter? She can't possibly cut open all those cakes to look"¦

Instead, Estie sells each cake with a letter, asking anyone who finds her ring to return it.

Days pass without a word.

But, ever hopeful, Estie decides to wait and trust that:

"Someone with Hashavas Aveida to do

Is someone I'm certain will really come through!"�

Author Loren Hodes and illustrator Harvey Klineman really come through for children and their parents in this funny, colorful adventure!

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