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The Stupendous Adventures Of Shragi & Shia

The Stupendous Adventures Of Shragi & Shia

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"Hey Shia, did you hear they wrote a book about us?"
"Really Shragi? About us? Why would anyone write a book about us?"
"I have no idea, Shia."

We know exactly why they wrote a book about Shragi and Shia. Because of all the things that twelve-year-old Shia, and his ten-year-old brother, Shragi, are:

■ They're adventurous (sometimes)
■ They're daring (occasionally)
■ They're outrageous (once in a while)
■ They're helpful, kind, and well-behaved (as often as they can be)
■ They're fun (always!)

Whether they're helping people on their homemade bicycle-built-for-four, shopping for an elderly man and getting locked into the supermarket, or bringing exploding science projects to their father's office, Shragi and Shia's adventures are always exciting, filled with lessons and filled with fun.

You'll laugh and you'll learn as you enjoy these stories, each with its own illustration. After all, if we do say so ourselves - these stories are stupendous!

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