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The Rebbe Speaks to Children Vol. 2

The Rebbe Speaks to Children Vol. 2

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Arranged according to the seasons of the year, these easy to understand essays are based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's talks to Jewish children, members of Tzivos Hashem.

Volume two covers the Jewish months Nissan to Av.

The sichos have been simplified and condensed, and then organized according to subjects and concepts in order to render them more accessible to youngsters. At the same time, the publishers tried as far as possible to preserve the language of the Rebbe.

The young reader will find insights on basic ideas in Judaism, advice concerning the struggle with the Yetzer Hora, and the day to day challenges that present themselves from without and from within, and lots of practical advice for Jewish children in their daily lives. For teachers and educators, this is a literal treasure trove of ideas and insights for classroom use. These concepts were originally taught to children by the Rebbe on their level. Accordingly, the text has been organized into short units in terms that a youngster can deal with, so that each child can learn and appreciate the Rebbe's thoughts as they were spoken. Invaluable for parents concerning raising their children in ways of Torah with the warmth of Chassidus.

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