The Morning Star

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A Novel
The Jewish novel of the year by bestselling novelist Meir Uri Gottesman, author of Deep Blue & The Harp: a gripping, breathtaking tale of powerful intrigue, contemporary characters & ancient secrets that span over 2000 years.
From the bestselling author of Deep Blue and The Harp

Ayelet Shtayner is tall, beautiful, talented, and single.

When Deep Hollow Synagogue hits on a novel approach to the community's shidduch crisis, they unleash secrets that throw us back thousands of years to ancient Jerusalem, secrets that no one would imagine.

This powerful, gripping story spans 2,000 years - from the battles raging during the Temple's destruction to the contemporary issues of society today. You'll meet unforgettable personalities: Lemel the Shammas, the introverted sexton, Rabbi Shtayner, the beloved but little-understood rabbi of the community, and Heshy Roiter, the bashful bus driver... People whose lives and pasts are inextricably intertwined in mysterious ways.

Intriguing and uplifting, this novel from the bestselling author of Deep Blue and The Harp is as breathtaking as the morning star.
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ISBN-13: 9781568714929
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