The Kids From Nowhere [Hardcover]

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"We should rip it?" Yosef Chaim asked fearfully. "What's inside?" Shmuly trembled. "Tear gas?" Two pairs of hands fingered the wrapping on the package. The boys didn't look outside. They didn't see the men surrounding the car, or the old Arab who tried to almost physically stop them. They only yanked on the long string...

Someone kicked the door forcefully, and it flew open. The barrel of a rifle poked inside.

That's it. They're here. Soon they'll tie our hands with thick rope and take us captive... I must leave a sign for Abba and Ima, so they should know where we disappeared to..

All that there is in Comics, Plus so much more! A riveting, suspense-filed historical adventure that is both exciting and educational. A winning combination of story and illustration. Recommended by parents and educators.
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Format: Default Title
Genre: Comic
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ISBN-13: ZB588
Sub Genre: Children

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