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The Hot Dog's Revenge

The Hot Dog's Revenge

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More hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew...and English!

Just when you thought you'd heard every single twist on all the mortifying Anglo-in-Israel bloopers possible, The Hot Dog's Revenge! serves you the next Middle-Eastern dish.

"My mashiv haruach is morid hageshem!"

"Do you have a stick with a beard?"

"Give me some upside-down coffee, please!"

Join us for another crazy ride through the streets of Shaarei Chesed and Geulah, Bnei Brak, Ramat Beit Shemesh, and Raanana, as yet more bumbling Israeli-wannabees emit Winners of a Blooper - but this time around there's retribution toward All Those Who Laughed at Us and Got Away With It....

If you've found yourself telling a friend that you "don't want to make a Hot Dog mistake," welcome to the club. Following its wildly successful forerunner, Don't Ask for a Hot Dog!, the all-new The Hot Dog's Revenge will showcase the other side of the coin - as well as display some more fabulous fashlot just for fun.

Whether you're a newcomer or old-timer, whether you're married to one of Them or just a friendly neighbor who's been here so long you get all the nu'ansim so you don't find yourself in uncomfortable situ'atzi'ot...this book is for you!


Revenge! Are you ready?

by R. Newton & R. Schreiber
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