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The Dira Cookbook

The Dira Cookbook

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What is the difference between a Tbsp. and a tsp.? (no matter ... our dira does not have measuring spoons anyway!)

Who is making supper tonight? (not me! I never made a scrambled egg!)

It cannot be that the soup has no taste! (I was on the phone with my mother for 3 hours as she gave me instructions!)

Where can I find farmer cheese? (no, it is not sold here!)

How do I say "pastry dough" in Hebrew? (last time I mistakenly bought corn-filled burekas!)

Sounds too familiar?

The solution: The Dira Cookbook that includes uncomplicated recipes, to give you inspiration for what to make for lunch, supper, and that Shabbos that you are just not going out for a meal again. The Dira Cookbook is a unique collection that includes recipes of few ingredients that you have in the cabinet, no mysterious abbreviations, and simple measurements of cups and spoons to keep it as easy-to follow as possible. It is all you need to make real heimishe food. (Well, you will need some plastic spoons and disposable baking pans, too!)

Loads of luck as you whip out scrumptious meals in minutes; your friends (and later your wife!) will thank you! ... and remember to clean up after yourself!
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