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The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour

ISBN: 9798886730005

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A Novel

I look for a moment through the window facing the front of the hospital. Just a small window on the side of the corridor. The sight shocks me. There are so many cars parked there, and at least a hundred people standing around with huge cameras. My social worker, Galia, takes me gently aside. "You have to understand, Bruria, yours is an exceptional case. This story has made waves all over the world. Everyone wants to see the woman who woke up after seventeen years in a coma."

Meet Bruria, who wakes to a life she didn't choose, and doesn't have the tools to navigate. Who must meet her family anew and start her life again. Who must come to grips with what she's lost and what she's gained.

Who must face her darkest hours if she's ever to see the dawn.

The Darkest Hour - another bestseller from Rachel Schorr, now joining: The Search, Eyewitness, Zero Hour, Zero Limits, After the Darkness, Stolen Dreams, and others...
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