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The Cosmic Bagel and the World of Jewish Geometrics

The Cosmic Bagel and the World of Jewish Geometrics

ISBN: 9781598260946

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”A picture is worth a thousand words.”
This axiom usually applies to people, events or physical phenomena. But can pictures also explain the ethics and philosophy of Judaism?

Simple geometric shapes- the triangle, the square, the Magen David and more are used to illustrate Judaism’s most fundamental and profound concepts. The result is an unprecedented picture –sharp clarity. In fact, the Cosmic Bagel (a circle within a circle) is the most user-friendly bagel in the history of the world! Not only Judaism, but also the very purpose of life will be so patently obvious that you’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t I know this before?” In the end, you’ll be telling everyone: “A picture is not worth a thousand words. In The Cosmic Bagel, it’s worth ten thousand words!” Approbations: "[The] use of geometric shapes as tools for exposing the wisdom of the Torah is more than clever; it is effective" — Dr. Gerald Schroder, Ph.D. "[An] outstanding book... a beautiful job..." — Professor Rav Yehudah (Leo) Levi, Ph.D. About the Author:
A native American living in Jerusalem for many years, the author has taught Judaism to hundreds of young adults who have come through this historical and spiritual capital of the Jewish people. In this very inspiring environment, the author has written three prior books: Being Jewish, Self Beyond Self and The Wisdom of the Jews. Now The Cosmic Bagel presents a unique pictorial approach to explaining Judaism Along the way, with Heaven’s help, the author married and is blessed with children and grandchildren. He is fortunate to be teaching next to the holiest site in the Jewish world- the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem
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