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The Chief

The Chief

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The World-Changing Life of Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig

Foreword by Rabbi Menachem Genack
CEO, Orthodox Union Kosher Devision

Some called him "the Rebbe," while to the mashgichim he trained, he was known as "Rebbi." Still others insisted on calling him by his first name, Chaim - and he was fine with that, too. But to many, Rabbi Goldzweig was known simply as "the Chief."

Who was this great man who wore such a variety of hats; who fit so easily into so many different circles; and who was trusted so implicitly by them all - from chassidic rebbes, to CRC rabbis, to yeshivahleit, to the homeless people who showed up at his doorstep, "adopting" him as their benefactor?

There was nothing simple about Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig, yet he made everything seem simple about him. He was a larger-than-life figure who impacted the entire frum world. In The Chief, Reb Chaim’s colorful story - or at least the parts of it that are known and that can be revealed - is related.

Meet the man on whose shoulders rested much of the kashrus industry of the world. Be inspired by the tzaddik who gave and gave and gave to others, even when he hardly had anything to give. Reb Chaim Goldzweig was an unforgettable person, and his legacy will touch you as it continues to touch the thousands who knew and loved him.

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