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The Chase

The Chase

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A Novel

The Chase, by famed author Meir Uri Gottesman, is the breathtaking tale of a young man, David Oigen, who is given a terrible diagnosis. His "widow-maker" heart artery is flaking away, and he has only weeks to live. There is no hope, no cure. 

His wife Shoshana insists he visit the mystical Venezuela Rebbe, who lives alone in Downtown Toronto.  At first, David refuses. The Venezuela Rebbe is known to be very strange. He yells at visitors. He hits them with his gartel.  He even growls like a bear: Vaya-rrr! Vaya-rrr! Can such a person really help him?

David finally meets the Venezuela Rebbe, along with his colorful, strapping assistantLittle Luzer...and life as he knows it forever changes.

In The Chase, prepare to enter a brilliant, mystic world: a world of miracles and beauty; great tzaddikim; Rashi, Rabbeinu Tam, Rabbeinu Meir of Rothenberg, the Rosh; the radiance of Maseches Bava Kamma... Watch as white-clad maidens march down the slopes of Jerusalem to dance in the vineyards on the Fifteenth of Av, and glimpse a resulting wedding, which only takes place two thousand years later... Cross the threshold into the home of Rashi, as he transmits his sacred legacy to his holy grandson...  

The Chase will make you will make you will lift you to a new realm of joy and holiness!  

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