The Captain's Kids #6: and the Battle of Calicut Comic Story

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The Captain's Kids #6 and the Battle of Calicut Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: Sarah Leon
Illustrated by: Michael Pick

Product Description
Enemy solders habe besieged the palace1 How much longer will we be able to hold out? We will have to go to battle before the week is up and our water supply runs out ....

In the ancient Indian port city of Calicut, The Zamorin and his men prepare for a difficult battle against the Portuguese. Juan and Alfonso, the Zamorin's loyal advisors can't understand how the Portuguese managed to bring so many soldiers to such a distant port in such a short period of time. Do they stand a chance? Is there any hope at all? Can the Zamorin and his men possibly overcome such a powerful enemy?

Read on to uncover a masterfully written story that incorporates a stunning allegory about our constant struggle against the forces of evil. The book contains eye-catching illustrations as well as a wealth of historical information about a little known Jewish community in India.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9" x 12"
Pages: 63

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: 202001372
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