The Bracelet


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Emi and her family are being sent to a place called an internment camp, where all Japanese Americans must go. The year is 1942. The United States and Japan are at war. Seven-year-old Emi doesn't want to leave her friends, her school, her house; yet as her mother tells her, they have no choice, because they are Japanese American. For her mother's sake, Emi doesn't say how unhappy she is. But on the first day of camp, when Emi discovers she has lost her heart bracelet, she can't help wanting to cry. "How will I ever remember my best friend?" she asks herself.

Censor Level:
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: R
ISBN-13: 9780698113909
ISBN-10: 0-69-811390-X
Sub Genre: Historical Fiction

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