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The NCSY Box

The NCSY Box

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What is the NCSY Box?

The Box contains 3 decks of Jewish educational cards that are meant to spark interactive conversations and ideas. Whether at your Shabbos table, family trip, or just a get-together, The Box will have everyone talking.

What's Inside The Box?

(1) Conversation Cards are great ice-breakers. On the first side of each card is a fun conversation-starter, and on the other side is an inspirational quote that relates to the question. For example:
  • If you could have lunch with anyone from history, who would that be?
  • What was your most irrational fear as a child?
(2) Moral Dilemma Cards ask the reader to imagine how they would react to different morally challenging scenarios. One side of the card presents the scenario, and the other side adds another consideration into the equation. For example: 
  • You flunk an important test, but instead of making you take a retest, the teacher offers to just change your grade so long as you don't tell anyone. Would you do it? What if your acceptance to college was riding on passing this exam?
3) Would You Rather Cards are designed to cultivate meaningful conversations about ethics that have the participants re-examine their personal moral compass. On the first side of each card is a thought-provoking and/or fun question, and on the other side of the card are sources from the gamut of rabbinic wisdom - in both Hebrew and English - to help navigate the "Would You Rather" question. For example:
  • Would you rather relive your greatest moment or forget your worst moment?
  • Would you rather know when other people are lying or have the power to always be believed for your lies?
  • Would you rather eat only gefilte fish for the rest of your life, or cholent?
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