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The Baker's Dozen #8 Hey Waiter!

The Baker's Dozen #8 Hey Waiter!

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Once there was a family. Their name was Baker. They had many children.

Twelve of them. The Baker’s Dozen.

The Bakers are going away for Pesach! And Riley Lake Resort Hotel
will never be the same!
Ashi plans to make some money by working as a waiter. Mr. and Mrs.
Baker plan on a restful vacation. And the rest of the Bakers? They won’t
say what they’re planning—but you can bet it’s going to be something
in the true Baker style: wacky, unforgettable, and just plain fun.
Laughter and lessons are on the menu this Pesach in Hey Waiter!—
the eighth book in everyone’s favorite series, now back in print.

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