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The Baker's Dozen #7: Ima, Come Home

The Baker's Dozen #7: Ima, Come Home

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Volume 7 of the best-selling series, now back in print!

Ima’s got a WHAT???
There’s news in the Baker family. Big news. Mrs. Baker has gotten a job. It’s a great opportunity for her. But where does it leave her family? It leaves them upset. And lonely. And angry. Nothing’s the same when Ima goes to work. There’s no one to see the kids off when they go to school, and no one to greet them when they return. Sandwiches and casseroles are all they ever seem to eat. And, worst of all, whom can the Baker kids share their day’s stories and secrets with now that Mrs. Baker seems too busy for them? Join the Baker clan as they deal with a hysterical housekeeper, a science project run amok, and a house that’s upside down. There’s laughter, surprises, and, finally, a happy ending for the Bakers as they wait for Ima to come home.
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