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The Baker's Dozen #10: Do Not Disturb

The Baker's Dozen #10: Do Not Disturb

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The problem with being a quintuplet is that you never get your own birthday party — or your own room. When Yochie invades her privacy once too often, Dini decides that she’s had enough of being one of five. She moves out of the big sunny bedroom she shares with her sisters. And that’s only the beginning…
Meanwhile, the Baker boys are busy getting themselves into plenty of hot water of their own. To their horror, a thoughtless prank has the most unexpected consequences. It takes a lot of soul-searching, an emergency trip to the hospital, and a long, long night to bring all the Bakers back to their senses — and back
together again.
Enjoy the adventures of this one-of-a-kind family in the tenth book of the
bestselling Baker’s Dozen series: Do Not Disturb!


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