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The Baker's Dozen #2: Ghosthunters!

The Baker's Dozen #2: Ghosthunters!

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Volume 2 of the best-selling series, now back in print!

Once there was a family. Their name was Baker. They had many children.

Twelve of them. The Baker’s Dozen.

The move to the spacious old Wharton Mansion seems like a dream come true. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. On the very first night eerie noises wake Tikva. She soon stumbles on an intruder right in their own basement! But her family doesn't believe a word of her story...or understand a series of other puzzling incidents. Could the old house actually be haunted?

A wild baseball shatters a window, bringing Chezky face-to-face with Grouchy Mr. Schwartz and his terrifying dog. To pay for the damage, Chezky faces a long term of hard labor. In desperation, he hits upon a different way to raise money, one that leads him and his sisters into more trouble and more danger than any of them could have foreseen.

Enjoy the adventures of this lovable family in the second of the exciting, fun-filled series, now back in print!

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