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The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel- Falsely Accused

The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel- Falsely Accused

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Kids can never get enough of Rabbi Juravel and his way of teaching Torah, and that is why Rabbi Juravel's Hilchos Shabbos story CDs became such instant hits. What could be better than 3 exciting CDs with dramatic and suspenseful stories that also teach kids all about the 39 Melachos of Shabbos?! Well, the answer to that is: a Rabbi Juravel comics book, where his CD comes to life through a captivating storyline told through comics!

Readers will meet Yankel Gross, a shomer Shabbos Yid, who one day has the shock of his life when he finds himself falsely accused of robbing a store...on Shabbos! But even in jail, while hoping for his name to be cleared so he can be released, Yankel is determined to do all that he could to continue keeping Shabbos properly.

Then a strange new prisoner is brought into the jail, and that's when the drama really picks up pace...

Endorsed by many well-known poskim, Falsely Accused will entertain your children for hours on end, while teaching them many important hilchos Shabbos at the same time!

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