Super-Agent Gizmo #2: Operation Time Travel


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Super-Agent Gizmo is back in an all-new adventure!

Mystery abounds in Super-Agent Gizmo: Operation Time Travel as Gizmo and Inspector face off against a new foe.

How did the elusive Timekeeper break into Area 51 and what was he after? What was in Blaze's safe before its disappearance?

Who is pulling Timekeeper's strings, and why does he need Super-Agent Gizmo for his evil scheme?

Learn the answers in this new thriller that has Gizmo travel to the past to save the future. And see how Gizmo, with the help of his sister Sara, absorbs the most important lesson of all: derech eretz.

It's all your favorite characters with a new cast of unforgettable fun.
Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Comics
Guided Reading Level:
Series: Super Agent Gizmo
ISBN-13: 9781600917325
Sub Genre:

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