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Menucha Publishers

Sun Inside Rain

Sun Inside Rain

ISBN: 9781614650836

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A novel of hope, challenge, and inspiration

From the dark prisons of South Africa to the tranquil streets of the holy city of Jerusalem...

Against the backdrop of South Africa during the turbulent era of apartheid, young Margo Tanzer and her older brother, Hanan, fight to straddle the privileged world they live in and the world in which they are becoming dangerously entrenched.

Left with a sizeable fortune after their parents’ tragic death, Margo and Hanan look to music to fill their hearts and souls. When their friendship with Joey — the bright, talented, and "dark-skinned" drummer in their successful underground mixed-colored band — becomes too deep, they dare to challenge the rules of their elite society at the risk of losing their freedom.

After Hanan can no longer justify living a lie and follows his Jewish heart to pursue his dreams, and Joey fails to elude the authorities for "subversive activities” and drops out of sight, tragedy strikes, and Margo is left alone to make very painful choices.

Just when the clouds of despair threaten to envelop her, Margo finds a ray of hope — warm, inspiring, and penetrating — like the sun inside rain.

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