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Kriah Activity Workbook – 3

Kriah Activity Workbook – 3

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Upon finishing a satisfying year of studying Kriah, Kriah teachers wanted their students to retain the information and Geshmak of what they learned. Based on requests such as these, we put together the Summer Program Workbooks. Teachers want their students to continue working on their Kriah skills throughout the summer vacation months, even though they are not in the school system and cannot be done in the same manner and interaction as it was done during the school year. Therefore, the Summer Program Workbook is designed with creativity and with the child in mind. This book features activity pages that are educational, yet entertaining and interesting at the same time. The pages help review and solidify the Kriah skills.  

The Summer Program Workbook offers activity pages with tasks such as writing, coloring, and pasting. It also comes with sticker pages.  

The Summer Program Workbook works with an exact daily and weekly planner. This keeps the children busy and helps them make it a consistent part of their schedule over the summer weeks. 

  • 44 Pages of different fun activities.
  • Stickers included for each worksheet
  • Recomended by Menahlim and Kriah Rebbeim
  • Detailed instructions on each page.
  • Basic Kriah terms are defined for those who are new to it.
  • 8-week calendar dividing the activities over the summer.
  • Audio training is available click here for details
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