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The Story of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter

The Story of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter

ISBN: 9781946351081

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This is the story of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter, the founder of the Mussar Movement. He taught us to be honest and caring Jews - and the stories about him are incredible. If you take these stories to heart, your life will be changed forever!
A classic of Jewish literature, The Story of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter has been updated for the contemporary reader and is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by popular illustrator Dena Ackerman.

About the Author:

A renowned Jewish educator and baal mussar himself, Rabbi Dr. Zalman F. Ury studied in Kletsk under Rabbi Aharon Kotler, zt"l, and was greatly influenced by the yeshiva's mashgiach, Rabbi Yosef Aryeh Leib Nanedik, hy"d, who was a talmid of the great Alter of Kelm, a prime talmid of Reb Yisroel himself.

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