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Snail's Silly Adventures Snail Has Lunch; Snail Finds a Home

Snail's Silly Adventures Snail Has Lunch; Snail Finds a Home

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When Snail leaves his bucket, he discovers a whole, wide world in this illustrated bind-up of sweet and funny chapter books Snail Has Lunch and Snail Finds a Home.

Snail is a merry little mollusk who lives in a rusty bucket. Day after day, rain or shine, snail doesn’t move—and that suits him just fine. But when his bucket is turned over, his life takes a topsy-turvy turn. A journey through the vegetable garden opens up a whole world of new friends, new foods, and maybe even a little danger. Can Snail find happiness out here, or will he wish he never left his bucket?

In his next adventure, Snail eats too many strawberries—his favorite food—and makes himself sick. His best friend Ladybug tells him he needs to find a forever home away from the tempting, yummy, red fruit. But Snail’s journey puts him in the path of a hungry chicken! Will he make it to his new home or be a tasty treat for this feathered, famished fiend?

Filled with simple text, speech balloons, and engaging illustrations, these easy-to-follow stories are a blend between a picture book and a chapter book, making it an ideal bridge for independent readers.
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