Sleep Sheep Story

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A delightful book to help young children fall asleep. Written by an experienced social worker, the charming illustrations and clear simple language make this book effective and ideal - perfect for bedtime reading, to set the mood for lulling children to sleep.

"I love this well put together book, which reminds me of the good old days when our parents had a lot of time for us. The love we felt as we bonded over our bedtime stories relaxed us and helped us fall asleep. The charming pictures and clear simple language create a calming and soothing atmosphere, lulling children to sleep peacefully. I highly recommend it"�
Dr. Olitsa Roth, MD

Censor Level:
Format: Hardcover
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: 9781467546409
ISBN-10: 1-68-025284-4
Sub Genre: Boys / Girls

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