Shemoneh Esrei for Yom Tov and Rosh Chodesh


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Each month, we celebrate Rosh Chodesh. Three times a year, we celebrate the shalosh regalim. But do we recognize the insights that lie behind the deceptively simple prayers of these special days?

In this third volume on Shemonei Esrei, Rabbi Zev Leff, renowned lecturer and educator, illuminates and analyzes the tefilos of Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov. He develops the highlights the fundamental concepts underlaying each word, demonstrating how the special days of our calendar underpin our uniqueness as a nation. 

While delving into the words of the Amidos, fundamental issues of our faith are explored:

  • Why was kiddush hachodesh the first mitzvah given to the Jewish nation as a whole?
  • What is the special connection of women to Rosh Chodesh 
  • How does the Yom Tov cycle renew our connection to Hashem and to His mitzvos? 
  • Why do we mention galus in our yom tov shemoneh esrei? Doesn't that contradict the joy of the day? 

The answers to these questions and many others will provide you with a clarity and depth that will transform your Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov prayers. 


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