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Shema Yisrael-200 Meditations on Judaism’s Cardinal Statement of Faith

Shema Yisrael-200 Meditations on Judaism’s Cardinal Statement of Faith

ISBN: 9789659171682

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200 Meditations on Judaism’s Cardinal Statement of Faith

The Shema is a cry from the heart, a meditation of the mind, and a deliberate declaration of identity. However, the Shema represents much more than the cardinal statement of Jewish faith in one God; it also encapsulates Judaism’s mission in the world from the time of Abraham until this very day.

And yet, despite its wealth of significance and symbolism, saying the Shema can often feel routine. This book is designed to aid the reader in focusing their attention and finding new ways to appreciate the wider scope of possible intentions when saying the Shema.

By taking time to contemplate the rich array of philosophical and spiritual wisdom encoded within the words of the Shema, the existential and experiential possibilities of this ancient spiritual practice become nearly infinite. The easy-to-grasp inspirational meditations presented here reveal fascinating insights which integrate both the practical and the mystical, infusing the Shema with renewed power and meaning.

"Rabbi Trugman presents an impressive guide to the Shema, with commentary and insights that serve as tools to be used to fill one's recitation of the Shema with understanding, intention, and emotional inspiration." —Rabbi Zev Leff

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