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Seattle to Strawberries

Seattle to Strawberries

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Friends came over to say goodbye. I bit back my shame as I dodged questions about why we were leaving, too embarrassed to tell them about our financial woes. They wished me well in my new school. I didn’t tell them there was no school for me. Watching each friend walk out the door shattered another piece of my heart.

Sixteen-year-old Rina Ziskind loves living in Seattle, with her amazing best friend and close-knit community. Suddenly, her school’s scholarship fund mysteriously disappears. In the blink of an eye, Rina’s father accepts a job as a mashgiach on a strawberry farm in Oregon, and the Ziskinds must move to a small country town with no Jewish schools, shuls, or stores. Rina is devastated. How will she graduate high school? Will she ever make new friends? 

Seattle to Strawberries is a dramatic and engaging story by talented author Chaya Rochel Zimmerman. Join Rina as she befriends a Jewish country girl far from Yiddishkeit, struggles to restore her family’s dignity, and adjusts to her new town, worlds away from her familiar home.

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