Science Of Fun Stuff: How Airplanes Get From Here... To There!


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Learn all about the soaring science behind aerodynamic airplanes in this fact-tastic nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read, part of a series about the science of fun stuff!

Did you know that some military aircrafts are capable of "supersonic flight," traveling at speeds faster than sound? Or that the Wright brothers designed the first airplane after studying the wings of birds? You'll learn this and much more as you become an expert on the science behind airplanes.

Amaze your friends with all you've learned in this engaging, fact-filled Level 3 Ready-to-Read! A special section at the back of the book includes Common Core-vetted extras on subjects like social studies and math, and there's even a fun quiz so readers can test themselves to see what they've learned! Learning science has never been so much fun!

Censor Level:
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non Fiction
Guided Reading Level: P
ISBN-13: 9781481461641
ISBN-10: 1-48-146164-8
Sub Genre: Planes / Reference

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