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Kinder Shpiel

Sari Learns To Succeed

Sari Learns To Succeed

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When a child starts school, she acquires the tools that form a foundation for scholastic and practical success in life, such as reading, arithmetic and more.

The "Sari Learns to Succeed" Series brings the child's experiences to life with color and sensitivity.

It shows that much must be invested in the child's education already from a young age.

The stories encourage and motivate young readers to do their best in class and at home, even though the future seems far off.

 The "Sari Learns to Succeed" Series was written by A. Friedman, who uses her rich history of helping struggling students in all subjects and developing their emotional intelligence.

Warmly recommended for parents who wish to further their children's progress and development. And the children themselves will learn to succeed together with Sari.

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