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Round Trip

Round Trip

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The door shut loudly behind them, and Shani couldn’t help feeling bad for Dovid. He usually meant well, her scatterbrained brother… So how, then, did he manage to get himself into these crazy situations? Why did his runaway imagination always catapult him to places no one else would go? And why’d he have to get Leah Ben Shalom’s brother to go along with him?

Shani sighed. Somehow, she didn’t think she’d be able to look Leah—or any of the Ben Shaloms—in the eye ever again.

Shani Rosen and her family are off to Eretz Yisrael for the summer! Their intention is to spend time with Bubby Reyna and get to see the Holy Land—but never could they have imagined what else they will meet up with while there, least of all a full-blown war!

From trailing alleged terrorists, to initiating neighborhood-wide learning programs as protection from the missiles; from narrowly missing having a sheitelblown up, to sending off a kallah to her wedding in pomp and style; adventure never seems far from the lively Rosen clan and their new friends. Yet amidst all the action and excitement, Shani can never seem to shake the feeling that she is too different from her Israeli peers—until she learns that oceans apart can still be close at heart…

Join the adventures, laughs, and lessons of Shani and her family and friends in Round Trip, an entertaining and compelling book for tweens and teens!

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