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Reflections at Sunset

Reflections at Sunset

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This inspirational collection of poetry by Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman spans nearly fifty years. Many of the poems in this collection have appeared in various magazines and journals, as well as in his first book, Seeds and Sparks, published in 2003. Numerous others are presented here for the very first time.

Inspired by the rich heritage of poetry in Jewish tradition, these poems express the beauty of the holidays and Shabbat, the emotions aroused by life cycle events, the personal relevance of Jewish history, as well as the mystical teachings of Kabbalah and the profound effect of being in the pristine ambiance of nature, especially in the Holy Land of Israel.

These insightful poems can be read again and again and are geared to not only inspire in the immediate moment but to encourage the reader’s own creative potential.

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman has been involved in Jewish education for over thirty-five years. He is the director of Ohr Chadash, a dynamic educational program based in Israel. Rabbi Trugman is the author of nine popular books and has produced Five CDs of original music. He appears at Shabbat programs andlectures extensively worldwide



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