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Powerful Moments

Powerful Moments

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Sometimes, it just takes a moment...

• To inspire and enlighten and uplift us
• To open our hearts and bring us to tears or laughter
• To strengthen our faith in Hashem, in His kindness and His hashgachah
• To guide us into finding the immense power that lies ... within ourselves!

Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger knows how to find a great story -- and how to tell it beautifully. In Powerful Moments he shares with us hundreds of short stories, each with its own powerful message.

What did the simple man know about prayer, a secret that even Yerushalayim’s greatest rabbanim missed? Why did the Chafetz Chaim refuse to have flowers in his home? How did a student’s error -- and a crate of oranges -- save a man’s life?

Here are stories about famous gedolim and “regular” people. About prayer and chesed and emunah and all the important things in our lives.

. So take a moment. Read a story. And feel the power grow.
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