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People and Places Teachers Edition

People and Places Teachers Edition

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People and Places introduces students to elementary geography. Book covers all the basics, such as maps, continents, oceans, different countries and cultures. At the same time the book places emphasis on reading and reading comprehension, thus using a very effective approach to teach both social studies and reading as a cohesive unit, which is are the more important to ELL students.

  • Each chapter has a general introduction to a topic or location, with newly-introduced concepts and words highlighted for special attention.
  • Realistic-fiction and non-fiction stories and crisp photographs from the various topics and locations provide a real-life learning experience.
  • Stories are preceded by in-depth lessons on specific social studies or geography aspects that is highlighted in the story that follows.
  • Worksheets cover a variety of subjects, such as reading comprehension, social studies skills, vocabulary, coupled with English grammar and language arts skills, to provide a cross-platform learning experience, which is very important to ELL students.
  • Lessons and stories are presented in student-friendly format, with crisp and large fonts, and lots of colorful pictures and drawings.
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