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Penina Farina and the Humongous Snowstorm

Penina Farina and the Humongous Snowstorm

ISBN: 9781614652120

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A giant blizzard is on the way... Penina Farina is a fun and friendly third-grader who speaks a little too loudly and is always on the go. When weather reports predict that a humongous snowstorm is headed toward Catchupspill Valley, deep in the Fettucine Mountains, the Farinas frantically prepare — but then realize they’re overloaded with pasta! Macaroni, ziti, orzo, spaghetti...and it’s almost Pesach! An unexpected visitor has a clever solution — but will it work?

Penina Farina and the Humongous Snowstorm, by talented author Fradl Adams is a hilarious, heartwarming tale that will inspire readers to make lots of pasta and never leave others out in the cold.

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