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Paradigm, Process, and Paradox

Paradigm, Process, and Paradox

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The Haggadah of Pesach is one of the most beloved of all Jewish texts. Through an engaging blend of story, script, song, and prayer it creatively connects contemporary Jews to their ancient history as well as to a vision of the world's redemptive future. 

Paradigm, Process, and Paradox: The Ohr Chadash Hagadah Companion provides innovative and thought-provoking perspectives that weave themselves through the Haggadah. Through archetypal paradigms, multi-layered historical, psychological and spiritual processes, and the intriguing paradoxes ingeniously embedded withing the text, the fifteen steps of the Seder become a treasure map for exploration.

The Ohr Chadash Haggadah Companion makes preparing for the seder an exciting rewarding adventure and is guaranteed to make your Seder night a relevant and inspirational experience.

"I found the work interesting, informative and enlightening and conveying true Torah ideas culled from many authentic Torah sources"
-Rabbi Zev Leff
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