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Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts

ISBN: 9781600916250

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Hadassah and Gabriella used to be best friends until something happened...and now they are worst enemies, with the class split between them. When their teacher is upset by one snide comment too many, she puts them both in charge of the paper heart centerpieces for the school's Shabbaton. Can they overlook their argument, long enough to get the job done?

The war that shook Europe is over and Leah, Minna and the others are in school in France. The new girl, Lilach, is so intriguingbut what was that about her past? The rumor spreads like lightning and Lilachplus her new friendsuffer the consequences. It's now many years later; is there any way to repair the damage?

Chani and her brother Mendy find a lost cameraand shocking evidence of an upcoming diamond robbery! They hunt for more clues, but come up clueless. The only evidence is the lost camera in their bushes. But just wait till the hilarious and unexpected ending!

Paper Hearts is a collection of twenty-five true-to-life fiction stories that really talk to teens. Enjoy the whole book at once or just savor one tasty tale at a time...each story is a treat, written especially for you.

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