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One Less Thread [Hardcover]

One Less Thread [Hardcover]

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Who is Reb Berman? Who does he work for? Why is a prince plotting against him? And why is his coachman, Johann, so frightened? Take a trip with us back in time, to the Europe of 350 years ago, when it was divided into small states ruled by princes, noblemen, dukes, and counts, rulers who were arrogant and corrupt, while simple, innocent Jews lived in small towns - and suffered. There, you will meet men who grew to greatness in those towns and cities, becoming strong and wise despite the rulers' harsh decrees - or because of them. And after you meet these truly noble men, Reb Berman and Azariah, Rav Hershele Charif, and young Yehuda, you will meet yourselves at the end of this fascinating, true story - and you'll find that you, too, are greater than before
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