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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

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In this high-tech, digital age, you still need to learn to tell time the old fashioned way! Today, children learn to tell time digitally and often don't really become comfortable reading the hour hand and the minute hand of a traditional clock.

Conceived and written by an educational specialist who has taught scores of children to tell time, Once Upon a Time presents both an analog clock face and one with familiar digital numbers. This colorful picture book doesn't just show the hour or the half-hour. . .every five-minute increase is demonstrated!

In addition, common expressions like "a quarter to 8" "half past 7" are included. A helpful note to parents and teachers offers readiness activities and tips on explaining the clockface to children.

Once Upon a Time is just as interesting to kids who are still too young to tell time. They will enjoy the broader message that every minute is precious, and learn that the best way to use time is for Torah study and the performance of mitzvos!

A beautiful, large-sized volume with bright, full-color illustrations Once Upon a Time entertains as it educates with unusual characters and catchy rhymes.

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