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On the Loose

On the Loose

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Will the Kippelmans ever manage to catch up with the creature On the Loose?

Moving day for the Kippelman family is exciting for more than one reason. On that day, they find out that they're the winners of a Chinese auction prize. But never would they have imagined how the prize would turn their lives so completely upside down...

Meanwhile, Henny Kippelman is forced to deal with loneliness in a neighborhood that's so different from where she grew up. When a new girl joins her class, she worries that she's about to lose her long-time friends altogether. Henny's siblings are determined to keep their prize a secret from their unhappy sister - but how long can they keep up the charade?

Then the unthinkable happens, and the stakes to keep the secret become even higher...

Follow the Kippelman gang and their friends on their whacky journey in this action-packed tween novel. Watch as they learn from their mistakes, make tough decisions, and have some harrowing nighttime experiences, all while growing closer as a family and witnessing some incredible nifla'os ha'Borei up close!

Originally serialized in the Yated Ne'eman as In the Dark.

By M. Jakubowicz
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