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Ohr Hamilah

Ohr Hamilah

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This is a לשון התורה curriculum geared for 5 th or 6 th grade students which
expands the skills used in חומש. It covers the שרשים used in תורה, the
גופים and the זמנים. Students learn to break down each verb in חומש so
they can satisfactorily understand what the פסוק is saying.
The book is clear and engaging. The pages keep reinforcing old skills
while moving on and incorporating new ones.
The thrill of doing it on their own makes the פסוקים so meaningful to
them. The book uses a variety of modalities so that each student can
grasp the תוכן – על פי דרכה.
Schools that have used this book, have been asked by observers how
their students have acquired such unbelievable חומש skills. Their answer "אור המלה". A complimentary workshop is available free of charge to
instruct teachers how to use the book properly, and to gain the most
from it בעזה"י.


A לשון התורה curriculum for Grades 5 or 6.
The אור המלה workbook, with its every page inviting and engaging, has
been well received by teachers and students alike. It teaches the
fundamental skills needed for the student to understand חומש on her own.
The Daily curriculum takes just 5-10 minutes, and carries over to חומש
Watch your students come alive as they learn חומש on a whole new level
while building their confidence with the realization that they can
understand the next פסוק of חומש completely on their own.



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